Current Obsession: Antique, Ornate, Gold Mirrors

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LuMu Store, Double Bay
Gilles and Boissier Interior Design

We are often asked if there is a styling formula to getting that super chic, curated, elegant interior. I believe there is a direct correlation between stylish dressing and stylish interior decoration and the trick is mixing great basics with incredible ‘accessories’. The way a simple jean and black T-Shirt look ‘glammed up’ with a Chanel bag, or incredible pair of Louboutin’s, a simple white room with a slip covered sofa looks instantly elevated with an antique (preferably French) ornate gold mirror. It’s like the Chanel Boy Bag for your living room. Make it as authentic as money can buy and look for mirrors with an aged, ornate patina.

Photo via Pinterest

We love the way French design duo Gilles and Boissier juxtapose the traditional gold French mirror against contemporary artwork and furniture. 

Gilles and Boissier Interior Design
Gilles and Boissier Interior Design

At LuMu we love to mix ours with crisp white coral, white marble and old tribal Indian pieces. LuMu has a number of ornate gold French mirrors and decorative gold frames in store and online now.

LuMu, Vaucluse Project
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LuMu Store, Double Bay
LuMu, Vaucluse Project

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